(This is still a draft, I know)

Tickling tips of leather whips
     The flagellant's cat gnaws -
A monster made of broken shards
     The flagellant beats on.
Some sins sink too deep for the stroke,
     Sink right into the bones.
Atonement is an empty room,
Atonement is a pretty tomb,
     Of endlessly-alone.

Put down the cat, I'll put down mine
     Come here, and take my hand.
And if God rips our hands apart
I'll give you pieces of my heart
And if God tears it from your chest
I'll put the pieces in my breast
And if God drives you down to death,
I'll carry you in every breath
And I'll refuse to be alone -
I'll make me bed beside thy own
And we'll dissolve into the earth
So fine, we'll both escape rebirth --
     We'll sleep, the self-same sand.

(Image by valeriebb, and isn't it beautiful?)


Amanda said...

Yes that image really is beautiful, and it actually went with your poem (which I DID read, btw. I'm trying to be better about reading poems).

Jason Gignac said...

Wait... do my images normally NOT go with my poems? :D

Amanda said...

I have no idea! I'm so braindead when it comes to poetry that I normally don't try to read them (sorry!).

Jason Gignac said...

*grin* Well, if you're going to learn poetry, I wouldn't recommend doing it through my poems... and it never hurts my feelings that you don't read them. Remember, I'm not so big on people actually READING what I write... :P

claire said...

I didn't understand your poem but think it is just beautiful. More, please.

Emily said...

I really like the repetition & nursery-rhyme cadence in the final, long stanza. Lovely images, too!

Chris said...

Your poems always amaze me Jason...

Jason Gignac said...

Ms Claire - Sorry it was obscure :/. I post something up on thursdays, about every other one.

Ms Emily, Mr Chris - Thanks :)

claire said...

No, it was me. I didn't even try to read the meaning, as the words were so beautifully put together. :)

Julie said...

Lovely image!
I enjoyed your poem as well. Very riveting & impressive!