Untitled (Stray Cat)

Underneath a car, she sleeps -- -
     Long and sleek,
     Pale as fat.
Must be the warmth,
The last exhales
     Of the dying engine.
I wonder how it must feel:
     Warmth like that
     In worlds of cold
Without a door
     To open and close,

The smell of half-burnt gasoline,
     rubber belts,
And warmth, unnatural,
Like a miracle
     Like a loving god?

(Image by Gekko93)

(I gave some money to the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue, in memoriam of all the poor kitties I've seen around San Antonio over the years. Go donate and link to your stories of cats and kitties :) )


Lu @ Regular Rumination said...


I especially love the last stanza, very beautiful.

You should be more confident in your poetry skills. Really.

Nymeth said...

Lu's right, you know :P

Jason Gignac said...

Ms Lu and Ms Nymeth - Thank you, you're very kind :)