My First Ever Reading Challenge!

Hush! said Louisa, Stand still! He's stepping into the sea!
And Louisa was right, for he stepped, his little cold toes in the salty-warm, strange water, like stepping into a graduated bathtub that's already been bathed in. The wind was hot, too, and the sun, and everything was hot except for him, and he stepped on, into the sea, the sea called Reading Challenges and Book Blogs and Stuff, and shivered from the solves of his feet...
Well, I'm afraid, because my wife is getting far too hip and cool, and I'm afraid if she gets too cool, she'll get bored of me, so I must become in some measure cool, like her, so as to maintain my pertinence. So, I'm taking my first one of these reading challenges that she is always talking about. Amanda was sitting in our bedroom the other day, asking me to help her find books that started with 'D', and upon learning why, I convinced myself that I ought to try the same thing. So, I'm now enrolling into the 'Read Your Name' Book challenge, as described here.
For those of us, like me, who love to make hyperlinks, but are too lazy to follow them, the Read Your Name challenge is to take the letters of your name, and make an anagram of supreme geekiness, by reading a book that starts with each. Doesn't this sound delightfully like one of those things you'd dare your friends to do in high school, just before talking about the cool thing you learned in math class? Maybe that's just me, maybe only I wallow in my own historical trivialities. So, here is my list, without further ado...
J - Jungle, The : Upton Sinclair (Review)
A - Aeneid : Virgil
S - Songs of Innocence and Experience : William Blake (review)
O - Orlando : Virginia Woolf
N - Notes on the Underground : Rosalind Williams (Review)

P - Prometheus Unbound : Percy Bryce Shelley

G - Golden Bough, The : Sir James Frazier Review
I - If Not, Winter : Sappho Review
G - Gardens of Emily Dickinson : Judith Farr
N - Naomi and Ely's No-Kiss List : Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (Review)
A - Agnes Gray : Anne Bronte Review
C - Canterbury Tales : Chaucer

Sorry if I sound awkward. I've never done this before...