O, pipe the hymn both clear and loud:
  "Come soon, thou golden dream!"
The altar sends the incense up --
  Though flesh-smoke feed the stream -
"Come quick, thou light, both clean and bright!"
  Though born a crimson gleam.
O pipe it loud! Drown out the sounds
  Of the sacrifice's scream.
Bleed out thy scream, O sacrifice,
  Thou destined cinder-grey!
The crisp of thee in sinuous stream,
  The gleam 'neath an empty vein,
The elegy of a Silver Dream,
  Keened out in Bean-sidhe lay:
Bleed out, and silence thou become -
  Now comes the break of day!


Trapunto said...

Would it be terribly rude and wrong to say I think perhaps this is meant to be a little funny? Or at least . . . wry.

Jason Gignac said...

It has a bit of a smirk to it, doesn't it? :)