To Think in Curves

Parabolic vectors float 
across a sea of simple blank.
The soul transfixed with formulas
Dependence, duodecima,
I saw it start just as it sank -
Unknowing, keep its path by rote.

The flexibility of curves:
An algebraic miracle
Tweak variables, or invert sets -
The formula just smiles and lets
The little mathematician pull
The thought into a gentle swerve.


My thoughts have bottoms, tops and sides.
My thought have limits, edges, lives
Of digits, integers. I hide
Behind constriction.


Could I but calculate this 'me'
Into a logarithm rise,
A swooping sort of curve, to glide
Out lightly to the sea!


Debi said...

That's beautiful, Jason. Just beautiful.

Jason Gignac said...

Thanks Ms Debi! I was worried it might feel kid of obscurey, with all the math words. Do you teach Annie's math, btw?