A Love Poem to my Wife

I love, because the world is oh so large:

The world, it's like a sea without a shore,
Just islands rising from the ocean floor,
And th'other sea above, of moons and stars.
An island is too fickle. Though the sand
Can welcome little boats, and let them rest,
It takes a single wave's incautious crest
To pestle ship against the mortar-land.
So I? I choose to love a sacred star.
Perhaps I'll never reach her, but I'll try.
Perhaps a ship can't sail into the sky,
But I'll always know which way to tip my spars.


Amanda said...


Chris said...

So beautiful, Jason.

Debi said...

Yep, what Chris said.

Jason Gignac said...

Amanda - :*

Mr Chris, Ms Debi - Thanks :)

claire said...

Echoing.. beautiful. It's easy to picture Amanda to be such an inspiration..