I'd be a steaming locomotive,
    Tender packed with coal
My fire would burn, the flame releasing
    Power through a spool
Of whirling steel, with engine oil
    Lubricating all.
And when the tender emptied, and
    The dark began to fall
I'd, satisfied, lie down: tucked in
    A roundhouse for a shawl.
And there, would cease - my firebox sated -
    Hollow and sublime.
My fuel away inside a tippler,
    And hours and hours of time
To sleep towards th'Phoenix flame
    Of morning's engineer,
To dream of water in my boiler
    And the Coal-flame's sear
Across the ceiling of my heart --
    Now cold as an ancient bier.
To be reborn, a heart must burn
    Then cease to burn in death.
My tender parts, shut up too close,
    Can't burn -- for lack of breath.

(Image by Osgoldcross)


Jeanne said...

Reminds me of the Thomas the Tank engine days at my house...now the song is going through my brain...

Jason Gignac said...

*grin* That's funny. My boys watched Thomas when they were smaller, too. Amanda and I used to crack up over the creepy sounding voice that George Carlin did for Trevor the Traction Engine...

Jeanne said...

That was George Carlin?!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Gignac said...

Yup. Old ones were George Carlin, new ones were Alec Baldwin. :D It makes it WAY funnier, doesn't it?

Jeanne said...


Julie said...

This is nicely written. I liked the play on words with tender instead of tinder. Wonderful imagery and written with obvious tenderness. :)
Missing ink notes - sigh.