Three Foolish Virgins

All good and faithful servants stand,

The bridegroom waits to take thee home!
His hands are soft, his cloak is warm!
Don't pity we slatterns who've drained our lamps -
Ye kept your light till morning's come!
So stand, ye wiser virgins, stand!
Lift up your hearts, ye mild and meek!
But turn back, livers of lamplit lives -
If only thou'd strived with a little less strife..
But ye faithful - a chariot waits for thee!
Ride on, thou pitiless, preening Christ,
To victory! To victory!


I felt a cinder fall on me,
It burned me to the quick.
The flesh below was raw and clean,
The blood was pure and thick.
If thou hast mercy, sacred god,
Leave me when thou adjourn.
My sins are all that's left of me -
Pray leave them here to burn.


The richness of the ambergris!
The smokeless spermaceti flame!
The ringing of the bells!
Here, sisters, take a little oil -
My lamp is rich and full of fat.
I cannot leave here - knowing that
You cannot come as well!


hamilcar barca said...

nice. original?

Julie said...

very thought-provoking!

Jason Gignac said...

Mr. Barca - Not particularly, but I wrote it, so I pretend it is ;)
Ms. Julie - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.