Baron Samedi for Obama - Happy Ghede Day

Yesterday, for those who were not aware, is both the birthday of Toussaint Louverture, the 'George Washington of Haiti', and 'Ghede Day', an important religious day for Vodou pracitcioners in Haiti, when Haitians go to cemeteries, to give rum, candles, ribbons, and other offerings tatop the graves of the dead, in respect for Baron Samedi, the guardian of the dead (sort of. Haitian Loa do not fit so easily into the Greek God boxes that we all learned in mythology). The Baron and his confederate spirits or not glum, Plutonic things, at all, but have a reputation, actually, for being heavy drinkers (when a praciticioner is ridden by one, they will drink clairin, a white rum steeped with chili peppers, that most people cannot even swallow, normally), infamous practical jokers, and fond of bawdy humor. So, yesterday was a raucous day in Haiti. Anyway, I thought it was interesting, in this article, that the people of Haiti, in a year when 'even the Baron is hungry, because everything is so expensive," prayed not only for more food, and political peace, but for the election of Barack Obama in the States. It brings to mind this article, where tit's pointed out that, really, there is no 'US Election' anymore - every American election is a world election. No news on plans for the Baron and Samedi to appear together in campaign stops, anytime soon.