Proposition 8

I don't know, there's not much more I can say about this issue. My wife wrote a passionate posting earlier on this issue. I don't speak as she does, I don't understand things in the same way, usually, but I do agree. There's not much I could offer really additionally, as far as convincing people to change their minds, one way or the other. The whole thing feels just like bigotry against, say, Muslims, or, dare I say, Mormons. I don't understand it, even when I was in the church, and believing as hard as I could, I still didn't. We live in a world with so much pain, and hurt - right or wrong, is this the most important issue, the one we need to galvanize around? It's important that we not let people who live together and love each other get married, if that's what they belive is right? Homosexuality isn't an issue - it's a reality. Why do good-hearted people have to be seperated over all of this? And the worst of it, is these commercials, about teaching gay marriage in schools. It's an arguable point, I guess, although all the educational groups have pretty much come out and said that they will not be required to teach gay marriage under this law. I guess you could argue that someone particularly militant on the other side of the fence might use this as an excuse. But that's just it - this 'other side of the fence' politics is what's killing us, now, and these commercials, funded partly from tithing, money that is set aside to do the work of God in the Church's teachings, is going to fund commercials that pander to the worst sort of reactionary fear in people. They don't appeal to men's better selves, they scare people into agreeing, and that's not the sort of politics Christ would ever have practiced. I can understand disagreement, I can understand fundamental disagreement, I can't understand Christ-sanctioned, divinely appointed mudslinging. Not too long ago I stopped going to Church. AT the time, it was a painful, personal decision, one that troubled me, because the Church teaches a lot of beautiful things. MY experience in the Nauvoo and San Antonio temples is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced. But, I cannot, in good conscience, even consider the possibility that I might one day return to this, it's gone for me now. I don't know, I've never known what is and isn't true, in all but the most fumbling of ways. But, I cannot talk myself into this one - if God wants me to serve a cause best served by deceit, fear, and hatred, then God wants someone else, I suppose - I cannot reconcile my little timid soul to it, I guess, and if that's what it takes, I'll consign myself to whatever lesser gifts God sets aside for those who are only willing to do what their hearts say is good. I feel, I suppose, like I can finally understand the quote by Brigham Young, where he says he felt sick and confused when he first heard the revelation on plural marriage. If this was a spiritual test for me, I am content with failing it. It's a difficult feeling, knowing either that you must question any feeling of revelation you ever had, assume God doesn't exist, or believe that he's not particularly nice. Anyway, much love to everyone on both sides of this issue, I hope nobody feels attacked or hurt, but sometimes things must be said, I guess. Please, on the one side nobody post any 'you're a satan-spawned demon' comments, and on the other, nobody post 'yeah, religion sucks, and all theists are total numbskulls.' Neither does your feelings credit. Honest thoughts and feelings are, as always, more than welcome, but I'm no dispenser of wisdom, so no guarantees I can offer anything useful back. With what little voice I can offer, and with little potency, since I don't think I know anyone in California, I encourage you to vote against Proposition 8. Just let people be. I hope the tone of this came out write, it's sad, not grouchy.


Amanda said...

"I can understand disagreement, I can understand fundamental disagreement, I can't understand Christ-sanctioned, divinely appointed mudslinging."

What a wonderful statement, Jase. Thanks.

Reuven said...

Many Christians are tired of being pushed around by out-of-state special interests. Let's all PRAY for PROPOSITION 8. See Tactical Syntax for some more No On 8 material.