Good news and Good Advice on Haiti

Excellent Article from the Christian Science Monitor. I had not considered what is really a fundamentally ground-breaking piece of good news amidst all the dirt-cookies and trouble:

This month's riots and a change in Haiti's government aren't extraordinary news items; upheavals in this Caribbean island are as frequent as seasonal changes. What is significant is that the democratic process to remove the prime minister by the legislative body defied a tradition of violent overthrows and military interventions. And it worked.
Even better - and this is an even rarer thing in news coverage of Haiti - there are a number of concrete, workable solutions laid out. I particularly found one interesting:
Teach residents desperate for work how to set up purification systems for garbage that can be landscaped rather than dumped into the surrounding waters.
Haiti has resources, but noone has given them the wherewithal to use those resources... Article here